Hong Lam Camping – Attractive camping location in Vinh city, Nghe An

Vinh Guru Tours will introduce a very interesting camping spot right in Vinh city Nghe An. This campsite is nestled in a glade of lovely pine trees. It’s on a small island of 400 people. It’s well taken care of, clean and a fantastic place to relax.
The air is so fresh and it’s quiet. It’s a great place to watch a sunset or sunrise.
The stress is guaranteed to melt away when you come here. The owner is so friendly and helpful. She can speak English. They have BBQ, paddle board rentals, a campfire and 3 friendly corgis. There are tents (small and large) where you can stay overnight. You take a small boat there (it can carry your motorbike). It’s a very relaxing place.
Here their Facebook page.
It’s in Ha Tinh. This is a Google maps to the island in Ha Tinh.
Here’s a Google maps link to where you get on the boat to the island.
Thanks Sean for sharing the valuable information about Camping Hong lam.
You can get further information on Sean’s website: Sean’s Vinh Guide – Sean Laurence