Experience being a farmer for a day

Have you ever looked for an escape from urban life?

Nowadays, there are too many things which make people care a lot, and then get under pressure such as work, family, other relationships, health, …

Break away from urban life and try a new one which you never had before, be a new person, a hard-working farmer belongs to the natural life.

Vinh Guru has already created some activities that can help tourists escape, even this experience can give us some healthy hobbies. One of which is a trial day to be a farmer in the countryside areas around Vinh City such as Nam Dan, Yen Thanh, Hung Nguyen, …


In the morning, it is the moment that darkness is not covered everything anymore, further is the scene of the rising sun. 


The special thing in the countryside is no building, which can give us the view as far-flung as possible, and we can enjoy the fascinating beauty of dawn and fresh air. After that, having an energetic breakfast for a new day of your life.

However, being a farmer is not easy!

We will have some activities in the field as a real farmer depending on the season we have. Most of them requisite a strong healthy, even patience because we cannot do it right for the first time.



Besides, we already have many experiences to trial with locals’ custom in a certain area. We will have a chance to commune with people in there to get more knowledge about their history, dishes or even some unique culture formed hundreds of years.

In some families here, they still use a stove to cook so we can taste dishes made by old-fashioned equipment instead of the modern kitchen. Generally, meals from this way will have a little bit of smell of smoke, although they cannot be better than normal, this smell makes them special.


Finally, taste your “sweet” fruit. 

Let’s throw away everything you have for 1 day and have this experience with us  – Vinh Guru