Grilled herring from Nghe An

 Grilled herring in Nghe An, the number 1 specialty of Nghe An. If you come to Nghe An and have not yet enjoyed “grilled herring”, please join us on a trip to the beach and enjoy this delicious Nghe An dish. Herring season usually lasts from February to July in coastal areas
Về Nghệ An thưởng thức cá trích nướng than – Tạp chí Thủy sản Việt Nam
Herring can be prepared by many methods such as frying, steaming, braising… but the simplest method and also retains the most delicious flavor of the fish is the method of grilling over charcoal. After purchasing the fish, prepare it, remove the gills, clean the intestines, remove the slime and then grill. When grilling fish, you must ensure some principles such as continuously turning the fish so that the meat is cooked evenly, while the head and tail are not burned. Therefore, when enjoying this dish, you will feel the greasy, crispy, fleshy fish meat mixed with the smell of charcoal smoke, of the hot “blow and eat” heat. interesting experiences for visitors. Enjoy grilled herring from Turmeric, crispy, sweet, rich flavor with a slight aroma of smoke, charcoal and the passion of sea water.
Cá trích nướng chợ quê Xứ Nghệ - dân dã mà hấp dẫn
Grilled herring from Nghe An is often eaten with raw vegetables, fig leaves, vermicelli or hot rolls, Do Luong grilled rice paper. The dipping sauce is a cup of delicious fish sauce with a few drops of lemon squeezed in, slices of fresh chili, crushed garlic or maybe shrimp paste mixed with spices.
That’s why grilled herring has long become a Nghe An specialty known to many tourists and bought as gifts for friends and relatives.