How to get to Pu Mat National Park?

Exploring Pù Mát is a captivating journey to one of Vietnam’s most beautiful and pristine natural reserves, located in Nghệ An Province. This destination enchants visitors with its majestic natural landscapes, rich biodiversity, and refreshing climate. Here, you have the opportunity to trek through the forest, discover the wildlife, visit magnificent waterfalls like Khe Kem, and engage in unique cultural activities of the local ethnic minorities. To learn how to get to Pù Mát, follow the instructions in the article below:

To reach Pù Mát National Park, here are the streamlined options:

1.From Hanoi to Con Cuong, Nghe An (340km):
– **By Bus**: Travel time is around 8-9 hours. Trusted companies like Hai Binh, Van Minh, An Phu Quy depart from Nuoc Ngam bus station, heading to Con Cuong town or Vinh city, then take a motorbike taxi or taxi to the park’s management board.
– **By Motorbike**: Ideal for adventure lovers. Route: Hanoi – Ho Chi Minh trail – Pù Mát National Park. Note: Be cautious and well-prepared for the long journey.
– **By Plane**: Fly from Noi Bai to Vinh Airport (about 1h 10m). From Vinh, use bus, taxi, or motorbike taxi to Vinh bus station, then:
– **Bus to Con Cuong**: Followed by a short ride to the park.
– **Rent a Motorbike**: Route: Vinh – QL48 – Pù Mát (122km).

2.From Ho Chi Minh City to Con Cuong, Nghe An (1527km):
– **By Plane**: From Tan Son Nhat to Vinh (about 1h 30m). Continue by bus, taxi, or motorbike taxi.
– **By Bus**: Take a bus from Vinh to Con Cuong, then a short ride to the park.

3.If you’re already in Vinh, consider these routes:
– **By Motorbike**: Vinh – QL48 – Pù Mát (about 122km, 1.5-2 hours).
– **By Bus or Coach**: Travel time around 2-2.5 hours.
– **Carpool**: Approximately 1.5-2 hours.

To ensure a smooth and memorable journey to Pù Mát, reaching out to Vinh Guru is highly recommended.