Journey of Discovery in Western Nghe An.

Western Nghe An offers an ideal choice for travelers seeking to experience the roads, identity, and cultural life of the ethnic minorities in Nghe An.

Thanh Chương Tea Island – A Paradise in the Heart of Western Nghe An
Located in Thanh Chương district, Nghe An province, Thanh Chương Tea Island is hailed as a paradise amidst Western Nghe An for its dreamy beauty. Surrounded by clear blue waters, the green tea oasis can be explored by a 20-minute motorboat ride. Following the water flow from the Cau Cau dam, visitors can admire the gently sloping tea hills or the beautifully cultivated arch-shaped tea rows. Additionally, travelers can rest in the huts built by locals around the tea hills and enjoy the unique, freshly brewed green tea that leaves a memorable taste. It’s a must-visit destination.

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Con Cuong – Tuong Duong: Exploring the Pù Mát Wilderness
Con Cuong is known for its pristine natural landscapes like Khe Kem waterfall, Nuoc Mooc stream, Pha Lai dam, boat tours on the Giang River, and exploring the virgin forest with a rich ecosystem. Pù Mát National Park, recognized by UNESCO in 2007 as a core zone of the Western Nghe An Biosphere Reserve, features the majestic Khe Kem waterfall cascading from over 500m in height across a slope of 800m, resembling a white silk strip against the dense greenery of the virgin forest. Joining Vinh Guru to Con Cuong allows guests to immerse in nature, learn about the cultural life of the Thai and Dan Lai ethnic groups, enjoy leaf wine, local forest products, and engage in traditional singing and dancing. Moreover, Con Cuong offers many ideal community tourism spots like Khe Ran (Bong Khe), Ban Nua (Yen Khe), and Ban Xieng (Mon Son) villages, where visitors can explore sericulture, conservation farming for dye plants serving the traditional weaving craft…

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Quy Chau – Nghia Dan: Community Tourism and Flower Fields
A journey with Vinh Guru to Quy Chau district unveils a land rich in scenic beauty and historical and cultural relics, offering an ideal destination for those eager to explore the cultural values of ethnic groups and enjoy the serene beauty of nature. Visitors to the ancient Thai village of Hoa Tien (now Hoa Tien 1 and Hoa Tien 2, Chau Tien commune) can experience and check-in alongside the unique water wheels by the poetic river, discover distinctive Thai cultural elements, traditional weaving crafts, and enjoy local specialties.

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Que Phong – A Dreamy Dalat
Que Phong embodies the essence of mountainous regions, with nature and human warmth promising to become an appealing tourist destination. The Seven-Layer Waterfall, stretching over 7km and divided into seven major and thousands of minor cascades, is a sight not to be missed. Visitors to Nghe An’s tourist spots should stop by Pu Hoat to witness the waterfall’s magnificent beauty. In addition to Que Phong’s breathtaking sights, travelers can enjoy the unique culinary culture of the mountains, including the intriguing taste of bitter bamboo shoots, a delicacy that leaves a lasting impression on anyone who tries it.

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