New fun destination for this summer – Vinwonder Cua Hoi

Vinwonder Cửa Hội – A Destination of Countless Joys

When you have set foot in the travel of North Central Coast, you should not miss out on an incredibly fun and blockbuster entertainment venue in Nghệ An province, which  is Vinwonder Cửa Hội.

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Location: VinWonders Cua Hoi is located in Cua Hoi commune, Cua Lo district, Nghe An province, about 15 km east of Vinh city. With a location near the sea, the project is blessed by nature with beautiful landscapes and fresh air.

The project embodies a modern, creative, and unique style, creating a classy and exciting space for entertainment and fun.

Vinwonder Cửa Hội

VinWonders Cửa Hội

VinWonders Cua Hoi is built according to the all-in-one amusement park model with 6 subdivisions and a series of world-class entertainment activities.

The water park and amusement park complex cover an area of 23.4 hectares, featuring the exploration of the Song Ngư Island Ecological and Spiritual Complex. It includes the Song Ngư Pagoda, which houses an ancient 800-year-old temple, next to the first sea-crossing cable car and unique in the North Central region, with a length of 3.5 km.

The Commercial quarter model promises to become a trendy destination for check-ins, shopping- culinary welcoming millions of visitors:

The Dai lo Commercial Street features 64 Mediterranean-style shops.

The Cat Tuong Commercial Street consists of 11 shops in the Dong Duong style, located on Song Ngư Island. It also features floating restaurants and overwhelming views of Cửa Lò beach.

The Water Park Zone: This is where visitors can enjoy exciting water activities such as water slides, wave pools, a children’s play area, and recreational activities on the water.

Bể tạo sóng Vinwonder Cửa Hội

Safari Zone: Visitors will be able to explore the wild world with animals such as deer, lions, tigers, bears, and many rare bird species, creating an exciting and adventurous experience.

Children’s Play Zone: This is a place specifically for children with safe, interesting and educational games such as outdoor play areas, indoor play areas and educational play areas.

Flower Garden and Outdoor Playground Zone: Here, visitors can immerse themselves in the cool green space of the flower garden and participate in outdoor sports games such as football, slides, trampolines, wall climbing, and various other activities.

Culture and History Zone: This area provides visitors with a deeper insight into the culture and history of Vietnam through dioramas, exhibitions on folk culture, ethnic history, and traditional activities.

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