Return to Nghe An to Discover the Once Legendary Truong Bon.

Truong Bon in Nghe An is a national historical relic site.  This location attracts a large number of visitors each year who come to explore and learn about the legendary of the fierce fighting period of the Vietnamese military and people. The historical relic site covers an area of 217 square meters and includes various structures such as a memorial monument, traditional houses and a bell tower.

Về xứ Nghệ ghé thăm Truông Bồn Nghệ An một thời huyền thoại

In the relic site, there is an area that recreates images of the life and labor process of soldiers, cadres, and young volunteers. The reliefs are exquisitely carved, bringing a very realistic feeling.

What makes Truong Bon in Nghe An so attractive?

Về xứ Nghệ ghé thăm Truông Bồn Nghệ An một thời huyền thoại

Truong Bon is a legendary land that witnessed the heroic rain of bombs and bullets, the glorious smoke and fire of the Vietnamese nation.

The Nghe An youth volunteer group was at the time tasked with filling in bomb craters. Many had completed their duties and were preparing to be discharged, but  13 young soldiers lost their lives in the fierce battle, despite their young years.

Truông Bồn Nghệ An

With the determination of the soldiers, the Truong Bon victory in Nghe An helped the army maintain the vital transportation routes, build millions of cubic meters of rock and bring more than 94,000 vehicle trips to pass through safely, along with more than 1 million  of cargo.

Truông Bồn - Chứng tích hào hùng của các Thanh niên xung phong |

At this very site, over 1,240 outstanding individuals from the police, military, youth volunteer force and frontline workers fell and lie forever in the heart of the mother earth

Nghệ An: Truông Bồn - Dấu chân anh hùng

It is worth mentioning that when Vietnamese people and even foreign visitors come to the Truong Bon site, they always receive the most precious sentiments, impressions, and profound emotions. They can feel the war’s sorrows and the noble sacrifices that the young people made for the prosperity of the nation, as evidenced in the memorial guestbook of the relic.

So, Vinh guru has just joined you to learn outstanding information about the Truong Bon Nghe An relic site. If you have the chance to visit Nghe, be sure to make time to tour this historic location!