Roaming around Vinh for one day

Vinh is not only the biggest city but also is the economic and cultural center of Vietnam’s North Central Coast. Besides the modern lifestyle trend, Vinh still maintains traditional values that are only here.

Let’s roam around Vinh for one day to know what special things in Vinh up to now. Tourists will have a chance to move entirely by bicycle or bike depend on your choice. This trip will bring yourself to a new life to get knowledge about this lovely city with Vinh Guru. 

In the morning, we will wake up early and go to Ho Chi Minh Square to enjoy the fresh air and watch locals come there to walking or do exercises with their team.



Recently, there are many teams that practice aerobic together, which can be seen everywhere in the square creating the bustling scene in the morning. Why not join them?

Then cycling to Nghệ An citadel, at here there are some unique dishes originating in Vinh and the surrounding areas in Nghe An can be your breakfast such as eel soup (cháo lươn), steamed rice rolls (bánh mướt), sticky rice (xôi), … They are street food in Vinh and popular nutritious dishes for breakfast.





After finished, we will visit Nghe An Museum to discover relics displayed at here for a long time. At present, Nghe An museum is keeping more than 15000 artifacts, objects, photos and a lot of histories about wartime in Vietnam, particularly in Vinh.


Source: Fb Bảo Tàng Nghệ An

For lunch, tourists will visit some restaurants in Phan Chu Trinh Street to taste North Central Coast’s dishes.

In the afternoon, we will go straight to the Quyet Mountain. Walking will be a great experience instead of going by motorbike to get the top. On our way, we can see entirely the scene behind.



At here, locals are proud of this area associated with the vestiges of kings during the past such as: An Duong Vuong King, Mai Hac De King, Trùng Quang Đế King and especially Quang Trung Emperor so built a temp to remind about the great things from kings.



 Late afternoon, it is an ideal time to cycle around Lam river, light breeze, dreamy sunset to finish for an interesting day as a local, not a tourist!.