Sen village Festival event on 19/05

The Sen Village Festival – Annually, on the occasion of President Ho Chi Minh’s birthday on May 19, in his homeland, the “Sen Village Festival” is organized.

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President Ho Chi Minh, the Hero of National Liberation, World Cultural Celebrity, spent his whole life for the country and for the people. Though he has departed, he forever remains in the hearts of the Vietnamese people with profound respect and gratitude. Particularly, he left behind a deeply affectionate and cherished sentiment for his homeland.

Nghe An annually organizes the Sen Village Festival, which has become a significant political and cultural event. The Lotus Village Festival takes place with many exciting and meaningful activities, concentrated in Nam Dan district,  Vinh city includes: offering flowers and incense, reporting merit, and commemorating President Ho Chi Minh. The festival also includes the Sen Village Singing Festival, with the participation of over 600 artists and actors from 20 grassroots art troupes  various districts, cities, and towns.

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In addition, there will  also feature the participation of artists and actors from the city named after President Ho Chi Minh in the closing ceremony on May 19th, with the theme “From the Sen Village to Ho Chi Minh City.” The program  street performance titled “Homeland in the Season of Lotus Blossoms.”

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Furthermore, the festival includes a provincial volleyball tournament and a traditional martial arts tournament, Marathon “Journey to Lotus Village” attracts thousands of domestic and foreign athletes to participate.

Coming to the Lotus Village Festival, in addition to the respectful feelings offered to President Ho Chi Minh on the occasion of President Ho Chi Minh’s birthday, visitors from all over the country and the entire population also have the opportunity to visit many historical and cultural relics, unique tourist attractions in Nghe An province. The festival serves as an occasion to introduce and promote the culture of Nghe An to the whole country and international friends, showcasing the dynamic and friendly nature of the land and people of Nghe An, who are always open to cooperation and development opportunities.

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