In most cases, tourist hot spots are worth checking out. But it is nice to get away from the crowds and explore sites that have not been sprayed across the pages of every guidebook and travel site in the world. 

Vinh – a medium-sized city, situated in the North Central of Vietnam, is such a place. We asked two Vinh locals to share, in their own words, the best ways to immerse in Vinh’s distinctive culture and have a wonderful day here.

Mrs. Ba, the owner of a grocery store, who has been living in Vinh for more than 40 years.

The people here have a special love for food. You can see, a makeshift noodle stand or a side-street food stall can be found everywhere in the city. Personally, I love pho, of course, which is the Vietnamese delicacy, and xup luon, which is eel soup – a speciality of my beloved Vinh city.

I also love the flavourful taste of ice cream in the TH True Milk shop – a popular place among the locals recently. The shop sells only one type of ice cream which is the vanilla one though, it has attracted numerous people to visit due to the unique flavour of home-made ice cream. 

TH True Milk: 115 Quang Trung Street, +84 963 267 567

Mr. Luong, an office worker who moved to Vinh since 2001.

Summer is too hot, spring is a little rainy, winter is bitterly cold, but an autumn day in Vinh is wonderful. The temperature in autumn is cool with light breeze and warm sunshine, so you can start your day by walking along Ho Chi Minh Square where the aroma of flowers hangs thick in the air.

Wandering around this gigantic Ho Chi Minh square, then sitting in a charming cafe and having a breakfast of bread and juice – these are simple things you can enjoy at a very low cost.

Right opposite the square located Vinh Centre – a newly established shopping center in November 2019. Coming to the mall, you should visit Highlands Coffee, a famous Vietnamese brand, to see how the locals make and serve coffee. You can also chill out by going shopping at Mumuso and watching movies at CGV cinema right in the mall. 

Ho Chi Minh Square: Ho Tung Mau Street

Vinh Centre: 69 Ho Tung Mau Street