“Muong Long – SaPa in the Western Nghe An”


Muong Long, which is known as the Sapa of Nghe An, is a favorite stop for backpackers. Coming here, visitors are not only immersed in the beautiful natural scenery, amidst the floating sea of clouds, but also have the opportunity to learn the cultural beauty of the indigenous people is extremely interesting.

What is interesting about Muong Long tourism?

Muong Long is a relatively new place, but when you come here you will love the gentle, friendly people and beautiful natural scenery. The mountainous terrain here is diverse, which is an ideal place for many people who want to visit and picnic outdoors such as hiking, camping or trekking into the villages.

After arriving in Nghe An, the first thing is that you will have to find your way to Muong  Long. From Muong Xen town, you go about 60km along the western Nghe An route to Muong Long – Ky Son, the first feeling that you will be lost in a large, cloudy and white paradise, a very romantic and fancy scene.

For young people who are passionate about exploring mysterious and new lands, Muong Long will be the right choice for your trip. This is an ideal destination for souls who love nature, clouds, and hearts that love movement. Here you will be immersed in the thousands of clouds, discover the typical culture of the highland people.

When you come here, the first thing you feel is an unusually fresh and peaceful space. Many people also liken von Muong Long to the beauty of Sapa, people say that this mountainous region has the climate of Da Lat. But those compliments or praise are only relative, because Muong Long is not a copy of anywhere, but just a few similarities in climate.

On the way to travel Muong Long, visitors will have to go through Muong Xen, to go to the sky gate area and this is also the goal that all visitors want to come. Winding trails, tall rows of old trees, fresh flower gardens are blooming,… all along the way. What will be more wonderful when you just walk in the green forest, integrate your soul into nature, enjoy the fresh air,… bring us indescribable emotions.

Muong Long is likened to the sky gate, with intertwined clouds floating on the top of the mountain. Clouds will hold your cloudy hair, helping you become very charming, dim, creating a feeling of “adventure”.

Along the way, you will see a lot of wildflowers growing in color. Especially the paradise of “plum blossoms” at Muong Long sky gate blooms white flowers to erase a whole land. Together with the tangerine clouds, they entwine each other, creating a beautiful land like a picture, with clouds and flowers and people to admire.

Come to Muong Long to “wander” to enjoy the natural scenery in the majestic mountains and forests.

Here you can not only discover the beauty of heaven and earth, but also be loved and cherished by the people. Because the people here are especially hospitable. Coming to Muong Long village, you will be comforted by the friendliness and gentleness of this harsh highland people. You will have the opportunity to gather with everyone here as a family, enjoy a meal with dishes imbued with cultural identity here. It feels cozy and not strange at all.

Besides, with the forest and mountainous terrain, the climate is cool, so it is very convenient for you to carry out picnics, camping, picnics, cooking, singing,etc. creating a joyful and vibrant atmosphere in the middle of the remote land of Nghe An.

In the early morning, by waking up early to the sunrise, you will be able to admire the beauty from the high mountains with the misty mist moving gently. An extremely fresh and pure air will make your soul infatuated and ecstatic. A refreshing feeling, an excited spirit to prepare for a new day, a new trip.

The rustic and simple images depicting the daily life of the people in the highlands cannot help but make you recover and flutter. The image of the mother carrying the baby on her back with a colorful brocade cloth, the baby with an innocent face, clear, plump cheeks, free, pure like colorful forest flowers with the mother on the field.

In particular, you must note the following Muong Long experience. Muong Long as you know, this is a high mountain area, the weather is cool all year round, the feeling is very pleasant when traveling during the day because the temperature never exceeds 25 degrees. However, when night falls, there is more dew and the temperature also decreases more than during the day. So the thing you have to prepare carefully is to equip yourself with a little thick clothes to always keep your body warm. Moreover, it is recommended to bring some medicine and personal bandages to prevent you from getting sick because the weather changes erratically when traveling in Muong Long.

When you have the opportunity to return to the border land of Ky Son – Nghe An. In addition to feeling and witnessing the unique scenery, culture, and daily activities of Muong Long people. Then you can also move to the international border gate of Nam Can, where there is a majestic mountain peak – Pu Xai Lai Leng. This is like the “roof” of the Truong Son range standing in the middle of heaven and earth. A lot of new and unique places are waiting for you to explore!

The weather here is cool all year round, the temperature does not exceed 25 degrees Celsius. At night, it was a bit cold and sunny down in the highlands during the day. Waking up in the morning in the middle of Muong Long nature, feeling the taste of heaven and earth, the peaceful pace of life does not rush to bring peace of mind.

The most appropriate time to visit this country is in the spring because you will have the opportunity to experience the culture of the Mong people here. The bustling festivals of trumpets, gongs or dishes with national flavors such as grilled chicken, roasted pork and a cup of warm spicy corn wine but still occasionally the aroma of corn, enjoy little by little by the warm fire.

What’s so great about a cold and windy first day of the year to enjoy such a warm and rustic taste. Especially in the spring, when you come to Muong Long with colorful peach blossoms and plum blossoms on all roads and mountainsides, you will be able to admire the flowers and take extremely beautiful photos. If you like cloud hunting, go to the Muong Long sky gate in the morning to admire the mesmerizingly beautiful cloud paradise.

In addition, the period of 15 or 29 monthly sounds is also a good time to go to Muong Long because this is the time of the most exciting market activities, the Vietnam – Laos cultural exchange market takes place in the area right near Nam Can – the international border gate.

Coming to Nam Can border market, you will experience shopping for many special goods such as brocade fabrics, clothes, shoes,… Surely this will be an attractive Ky Son tourist destination to bring you great moments.