Attractive spots in Nghe An this summer

As summer arrives, among the choices for traveling in Nghe An, this article will certainly provide  meaningful information for you. Please refer to the article below.

Cua Lo.

Cua Lo beach has a gentle slope, with fine white sand that is smooth and flat. The water is clear and clean, without the muddiness found at some other beaches. Above the beach, there are large forested areas with rows of casuarina trees and lush coconut palms.The sea water here has very high salinity. 

This is the most popular tourist attraction in Cua Lo. The clear sea water, calm waves, and fine sand make it an excellent spot for swimming and participating in various beach activities.

Vinwonder Cua Hoi.

Stopping at VinWonders Cua Hoi, visitors have the opportunity to experience the Cua Hoi cable car, which offers panoramic views of the Cua Lo coastline. Stretching 3.5km, the cable car connects the entertainment park on the shore with the Song Ngu ecological island complex with  360-degree views, visitors will certainly have the best experiences when riding the cable car.

The Quang Truong Anh Sang (Lights Square) is a place that brings eye-catching performances to viewers with a harmonious combination of light, music and melodious ocean waves.

Pu Mat National Park.

Pu Mat National Park has been dubbed the “heavenly realm” of Central Vietnam – Nghe An. It attracts visitors not only for its breathtaking natural scenery, but also for the diverse experiences it offers, such as: Boat fishing, immersing yourself in majestic waterfalls, exploring rare wildlife.

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