Captivated by the pristine beauty of the Que Phong waterfalls

Visiting Que Phong, Nghe An, you cannot miss the experience of exploring the two most mesmerizing waterfalls in this place.

Xao Va waterfalls

Xao Va waterfalls is one of the largest waterfalls in Que Phong District, Nghe An. As soon as you set foot in this land, you will definitely be amazed by the unique beauty, rich in colors of the mountains and forests of Western Nghe An. The waterfall is tall and wide – about 35 meters each way, harmonizing with the distinctive sound of the water flowing down from above, pure white, like long hair flowing gently into space.

Thác Xao Va

Sao Va waterfall has the water flowing down from above, pure white, like long hair flowing gently into space.

One of the most interesting experiences and not to be missed when visiting Sao Va Que Phong waterfall is bathing. Soaking in the freshwater or, more interestingly, relaxing under the flow of the waterfall will definitely bring an enjoyable experience.

The captivating beauty of the Bay Tang Waterfall

Bay Tang Waterfall is located on a stream that originates from the mountain range bordering Laos, flowing all the way down to Quy Chau district below. The stream flows swiftly throughout the year, crossing the foot of the mountains with countless picturesque scenes. The scenery along the way to the waterfall alone is enough to captivate anyone excited when arriving at the waterfall

Thác 7 tầng - Điểm đến trekking hấp dẫn du khách nhất tại Nghệ An

True to its name, Bay Tang Waterfall is created of 7 large and small cascades that stretch for 7 kilometers. The highest tier of the waterfall has a height of around 70 meters, while the lowest tier is approximately 10 meters high, with the width of the base of the waterfall around 20 meters. The waterfall has a pristine, majestic beauty. Surrounding the waterfall are lush, virgin forests. Here, you can enjoy the refreshing, cool air and admire the most “pure” natural beauty that this place has been blessed with.

Usually, people only visit the lowest tier of the waterfall to play and have experiences. If you want to reach the higher tiers of the waterfall, you have to embark on a trekking journey along a tiny trail that stretches around 10 kilometers, cutting through the forest and following the waterfall. This journey is not easy for anyone who is not used to hiking, and the terrain is difficult. But in return, pristine scenery awaits ahead.

The Que Phong region not only offers breathtaking natural beauty, but also presents many delightful culinary experiences with the delicious specialty products of the mountainous area. Accompanying the local people on this experience, visitors will have the chance to savor numerous dishes that distinctly reflect the cultural characteristics of this forested, mountainous region, such as bitter bamboo shoots , porcupines, Tri Le black chicken, “lam” rice,… Visitors can also choose to bring home some rustic delicacies as souvenirs, like sweet potatoes, cần wine, ngoc cau mushrooms,…

If you have the chance to visit Que Phong, Nghe An, don’t forget to visit  the waterfall to admire the pristine beauty of the waterfall, and engage in conversations with the local people to learn about the culture and unique identity of this place.