Experience welcoming the sunrise at Cua Lo

As the sun begins to rise, the sounds of life start to increase. The beauty of Cua Lo beach seems to be condensed within sight, the people, the scenery, even the space all appear more realistic than ever.

Photo] Ngắm bình minh đẹp nao lòng ở bãi biển Cửa Lò | Vietnam+  (VietnamPlus)

Take a walk along the edge of the ocean waves, enjoying the fresh air. Or explore the sounds and the bustling atmosphere of the local fishing community, with their nets full of seafood after a hard night’s work on the waves. The shrimps and squids bring them joy. When you come here, Cua Lo beach will bring you interesting things.

Ngắm bình minh đẹp nao lòng ở bãi biển Cửa Lò

A new day begins with many simple things that will be an unforgettable impression for those who once welcomed the sunrise on Cua Lo beach.

Besides the coastline, when you visit Cua Lo, you can also go to Hon Ngu Island or Lan Chau Island to witness the sunrise.