Discover the Emerald Jewel of Lan Chau Island – The Ultimate Getaway in Cua Lo

Discover the Emerald Jewel of Lan Chau Island – The Ultimate Getaway in Cua Lo.

Lan Chau Island, the crown jewel of Nghe An, offers an exquisite blend of serene beauty and unique geography, guaranteeing an unforgettable experience. For a seamless visit, let be your guide to the best services and scenic check-ins. Located in Nghi Thuy Ward, Cua Lo Town, Nghe An, Lan Chau is a haven of tranquility and untouched nature.

**Experience Tranquility and Natural Beauty on Lan Chau Island, Cua Lo**
Immerse yourself in the peaceful embrace of sky and sea, or drift on the crystal-clear waters aboard a quaint boat. The island’s modest lighthouse stands as a beacon for sailors, offering a stunning vantage point to merge with the vast ocean.

Đảo Lan Châu Cửa Lò - Khám phá hòn ngọc xanh của Nghệ An

**Sunrise and Sunset Views to Cherish**
The refreshing sea breeze complements the breathtaking moments of dawn and dusk on the island. Capture these picturesque times with unique and mesmerizing photos.

Kinh nghiệm du lịch đảo Lan Châu – hòn đảo đẹp nhất Cửa Lò

**Unique Rock Formations Await**
Beyond the captivating sunrises and sunsets, discover whimsically shaped rock formations. Join us for a professional photo session among these natural sculptures, set against the poetic backdrop of sea and wind.

Khám phá Nghệ An] Đảo Lan Châu - hòn ngọc xanh của Nghệ An

**Conquer the Lighthouse and Nghinh Phong Pavilion**
Though smaller compared to others, the Lan Chau lighthouse promises an adventurous climb with refreshing sea views. Don’t miss the historical Nghinh Phong Pavilion, built by Emperor Bao Dai, for a glimpse of exquisite scenery from above.

Khám Phá Đảo Lan Châu Cửa Lò – “Hòn Ngọc Xanh” Xứ Nghệ - 123tadi: Chia sẻ  kinh nghiệm du lịch


**Engage in Exciting Activities**
From serene to adventurous, enjoy snorkeling, jet skiing, camping, and sea cruises. For the ultimate experience, Vinh Guru offers even more unforgettable moments.

**Local Culinary Delights**
Cua Lo’s abundant seafood, including tamarind crab, lemongrass steamed shrimp, and clam porridge, will surely tantalize your taste buds with its freshness.

Nhà hàng Lan Châu - Cửa lò

**Getting to Lan Chau Island**
From Vinh city, navigate through Nguyen Quoc Tri, turn right onto Nguyen Van Cu, then right again onto Nguyen Sy Sach towards Cua Lo Beach. From Vinh Airport, follow National Route 46 towards Nghi Phong, then to Nghi Huong and Cua Lo Town, turning right at Binh Minh to reach the beach and Lan Chau Island.

We hope this guide enhances your adventure to Lan Chau Island, promising a meaningful and beautiful journey to this exquisite destination.