Ideas for a peaceful weekend in Vinh City

1.Admiring Ben Thuy Bridge

Spanning a length of 630.5 meters, Ben Thuy Bridge crosses the Lam River, connecting the provinces of Nghe An and Ha Tinh. It possesses a very romantic and tranquil beauty. Have you ever stopped here to admire the sunrise or sunset? If not, I suggest you “deploy” to this destination early on this upcoming weekend. It will be quite an enjoyable experience.

Cầu Bến Thủy - Ký ức về kỳ tích nối đôi bờ biển xứ Nghệ

2.Yacht on river Lam 

You can take a yacht and immerse yourself in the waters of Lam River not far from the city. Not only can you admire the scenery and enjoy the soothing melodies on the cruise, but you can also enjoy Nghe An’s specialties here.

Du thuyền trên sông lam | Khách sạn Cửa Lò Nghệ An

3.Quyet Mountain visits the traces of Phuong Hoang Trung Do

The boat sails to Ben Thuy, you can visit Quyet Mountain to visit the traces of the Phuong Hoang Trung Do, Climb up to the observation deck on the mountain and enjoy a panoramic view of Vinh city. Cast your gaze across to the other side and admire the sight of 99 Hong Mountain is undulating

Đền thờ vua Quang Trung - Điểm đến linh thiêng nơi xứ Nghệ4. Square and Monument of Ho Chi Minh

This is a check-in spot in Vinh that tourists should not miss. It not only represents the city of Vinh but also offers a stunning view of Vinh at night, sparkling and refreshing.

Quảng Trường Hồ Chí Minh – Điểm check in nổi tiếng ở Nghệ An - BQL QUẢNG TRƯỜNG HỒ CHÍ MINH VÀ TƯỢNG ĐÀI BÁC HỒ5. Vinh Ancient Citadel

Vinh Ancient Citadel is a construction that has existed for many years and is closely associated with ethnic events in the Nghệ An region. Its ancient and solemn atmosphere, simple with Vietnamese historical significance, will surely leave a lasting impression on you when you visit. Moreover, when you come here, you can also experience a vibrant street food scene with numerous delicious eateries offering famous Nghe An specialties. You can indulge in various tempting snacks such as corn,  potatoes, sour fermented pork roll, grilled squid, skewers, seafood, fruits, and refreshing drinks.

Khám phá thành cổ Vinh - Nhân chứng lịch sử hào hùng của dân tộc

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6. Goong Lake

Goong Lake has a peaceful everyday look nestled alongside the urban hustle and bustle. When you visit here, the atmosphere of the lake blends with the cool breeze, creating a refreshing and peaceful space.

Hồ Goong7. Vinh market

When you visit Vinh market, you can explore and shop for a variety of affordable items at Vinh Market. The market offers a spacious and clean environment, and the vendors are friendly and enthusiastic. It’s definitely a must-visit destination in Vinh. Additionally, you can try  a cup of foam coffee here, which is ideal for a morning pick-me-up.

Isn’t it wonderful to spend a weekend like this? Vinh always makes people feel so strangely peaceful.