Bars and Clubs & Lounges in Vinh City, Nghe An

**BARS** Hometown – A cozy bar.

1.The Local Wine & Cocktail Bar – Unique mixed drinks.

2.The Local Garden – It’s a new beer garden in the new beer garden area of Vinh.

3.Boong Mixology – They’ve got live music every Friday night. 4.Serene – This is another cocktail bar with live music on Fridays.

5.Good Beer / Beer Ngon – It’s a beer garden with indoor and outdoor seating.

6.Star Beer / Bia Star – Another beer garden in Vinh.

7.MTSL Rooftop Bar – You’ll find it on the 33rd floor of the Mường Thanh Sông Lam Hotel.

8.Delos Bar – EEL Cafe during the day and Delos bar at night.

9.Goong Lake Beer Street – On Phan Dang Luu Street you’ll find a series of places to get bia hoi (fresh / draft beer). There’s a Vida brewery nearby. This is a popular place to try local beer and meet friendly locals. **CLUBS & LOUNGES** 1.Dune – A futuristic new cocktail bar in Vinh. 2.Nyxx Cocktail Bar – It’s got a lounge vibe. The bartenders are friendly.

10.Zuly – It’s a nightclub.

11.Club 48 – Bring your earplugs and get ready to talk to the person next to you on your phone because it’s so loud. Thanks Sean for sharing the valuable information about bar & clubs in Vinh.

Y0u can get further information on Sean’s website: Sean’s Vinh Guide – Sean Laurence