Exciting experience with “Muc Nhay” in Cua Lo

Squid Fishing – Night Time squid fishing with local residents in Cua Lo

Squid Fishing – Night Time squid fishing with local residents in Cua Lo

Cua Lo is known for its long stretches of sandy beaches, white sand, and clear blue waters. In addition to swimming activities, games, visitors should not miss the experience of nighttime squid and “Muc Nhay” night markets in Cua Lo.



Experience night time squid fishing is a truly vibrant experience about the life of local fishermen when visiting Cua Lo Beach in Nghe An. You will have the opportunity to experience the sensation of riding a basket boat  and venturing out into the sea at night, Stretching a squid fishing light.


As the sun begins to set and darkness descends, the entire coastal area of Cua Lo becomes vibrant with shimmering lights. Participating in the experience of nighttime squid fishing in Cua Lo, visitors can float on boats fully equipped with life jackets, fishing equipment, bait ,… while enjoying the sunset and the cool ocean breeze of the ocean

Du lịch Cửa Lò: Hấp dẫn với trải nghiệm câu mực đêm và thưởng thức hàng  chục món từ mực

After being caught, “Muc Nhay” is gathered by the local residents and sold along the road leading to Lan Chau Island. When night falls, this unique night market opens from around 8:00 PM to 00:00 AM every day. “Muc Nhay night market” is relatively new, but it attracts a considerable number of tourists who come to buy, watch, watch and enjoy the fresh air.

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Go squid fishing with Vinh Guru Travel to become a true fisherman; Exciting experience catching squid from the sea. The caught trophies are processed. Grilled squid, steamed squid, squid shrimp noodles,… take a bite of the fragrant squid; sweet with the salty taste of the sea; take a sip of beer and you will see how beautiful life is.