Returning to the lotus season in Nghe

Returning to the lotus season in Nghe – the season of blooming lotus flowers, emanating a fragrant aroma. This is the hometown of President Kim Lien, Nam Dan – the birthplace of the beloved leader of the Vietnamese people – President Ho Chi Minh.


The crimson spots amidst the vast blue lagoon create a beautiful picture of nature.


Lotus – This flower has long been closely associated with the spiritual life of the Vietnamese people. Growing amidst the brown mud, yet emanating a pure fragrance, the lotus has long become a symbol of true, simple and rustic beauty.

When visiting this place, you will be delighted with photos ranging from poetic to unique

In addition, you can also visit the Kim Lien relic Site – the birthplace of President Ho Chi Minh.


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You should also try a gift from the Lotus species, which is Lotus Tea – A unique feature that bears the mark of Uncle Ho’s hometown. Grown in the President’s hometown, which is renowned for its fragrant and long-lasting sweet lotus flowers, Lotus tea has long been harvested and used by people as a precious gift from nature only here.

Let’s journey together with Vinh Guru to the lotus season in Nghe, and further explore the humble yet simple hometown of Ho Chi Minh!