Vinh and what’s best to visit here?

If you have a travel idea in Vinh, that’s a great idea! Vinh is a beautiful and interesting destination in Vietnam. Despite its harsh weather and not being as gorgeous as other tourist spots, it is the stories, local specialties, and the people that make Vinh a beautiful place, leaving a lasting impression on visitors who come to visit.

  1. Vinh is a famous province in Vietnam because it is the hometown of two of Vietnam’s greatest individuals, Ho Chi Minh and Nguyen Du. One of Vietnam’s kings, Mai Hac De, was born and raised here as well. The people of Vinh take great pride in this. You can visit the hometown of Ho Chi Minh in the small village of Kim Lien.
  2. Vinh is famous for its temples and holy places. One of them was visited by Vietnamese kings during ancient Lunar New Year celebrations. You can visit the Temple of King Quan Hoang Muoi or the Dai Tue Pagoda, which is 600 years old.Chùa Đại Tuệ hơn ngàn năm tuổi nắm giữ 4 kỷ lục Việt Nam
  3. Find Dao Tan Street, located just north of Saigon Kim Lien Hotel and head east. Along the road on the right, you will see a US airplane and a missile parked in front of the government building. Along the way, you will also pass by most of the remaining ancient Vinh Citadel – two stone gates, the left gate, and the right gate.
  4. On the same street is the Nghe Tinh Soviet Museum. It is a small museum that details the struggle of the Vietnamese revolutionary movement during the French occupation. There is an emphasis on trivia artifacts, as well as images and biographies of martyrs and heroes that most visitors will have never heard of. There’s also a black-and-white photo on the second floor that gives a clear sense of what the Citadel looked like before its destruction – an impressive star-shaped fortress that must have been a sight to see in its time there.Trải nghiệm không gian số tại bảo tàng Nghệ An
  5. Place not to be missed is Cua Lo Beach, located 16 km (northeast) of Vinh City, and it is often the first destination for tourists when they set foot in Nghe An. The long coastline is captivating with its golden sand, gentle sunshine, and beautiful natural scenery. This is truly a “paradise” for everyone.
  6. If you love nature, you can explore Pu Mat National Park and discover its  wildlife and natural beauty. Immerse yourself in the coolness of Khe Kem Waterfall. It must be said that the western part of Nghe An is the best place to explore with its amazing ecosystem of flora and fauna.
  7. When you visit Vinh, you will feel the warmth and love of the people here. You can stop by and wander around Vinh Market, participate in the bustling market activities, or enjoy a famous “Bot coffee” that you won’t find anywhere else. Don’t forget to try a delicious grilled meat sandwich as well.

I will recommend spending at least 3 days and 2 nights in Vinh if you can occasionally visit. Contact Vinh Guru to have the best trip experience.